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RP drama is inevitable. However, this doesn't mean disputes can't be handled civilly between players. If players are unable to end a dispute between themselves, they should contact the moderator at They should not attempt to contact any of the mods via IM, as all moderators will want to be on the same page.

Individuals that start drama will only be given one warning before being dismissed from the game on the second offense. The same is true of those who are found to be participating in and/or encouraging drama. There will be no exceptions - drama will not be tolerated here.

Furthermore, any perception that OOC drama is being brought IC is reason for immediate removal from the game. We are here to have fun and want the drama to be between our characters, not our players.

ooc|mary sues|godmodding
Players need to be sure they have a firm idea of their character's personality and the game's premise before applying. Likewise, players should make sure they're staying in character within the lines of the character as submitted without having good IC reasons for a character’s change of personality.

Mary Sues, Gary Stues… okay – let’s face it, bad characters will not be accepted. If a character is accepted and shifts into one of the former, a moderator will talk to the player and two warnings will be given before the character is removed from the game.

Godmodding is not acceptable and we all know that. However, there are times that the pace of a game may have some things happening off screen or OOC… if it looks like someone is Godmodding, please bring it to the attention of one of the moderators so that we can make sure that the proper permissions are being granted before a character is involved. If a player is actually godmodding, they will receive the same two warnings before the character is removed.

Both spelling and grammar are important, so looking over your post before hitting submit never hurts. If you use Firefox, there should be an inline spellchecker already installed on your browser. With this, your browser will point out misspelled words as you type, à la Microsoft Word. This should successfully prevent a majority of spelling issues. We are looking for quality writers here. That said, you will not be flogged with a wet noodle for spelling errors or typos. We ask that you try. Even manuscripts for publication make it to the shelves with misspelled words and typos.

character limit.
Only you know what your schedule can handle. We are putting the character limit on no more than 2 ghosts and 2 humans – but that is only through the first activity check. If it is seen that there is no trouble with this activity and you wish more characters, there will be no true character limit.

We all have very busy lives. Yet a journal based rp game relies on a certain level of activity for its survival. Activity will be defined and examined in different ways. Activity checks will occur on Sunday, every two weeks. Characters that have failed to participate in a thread with at least six posts, have failed to submit a private narrative (500 word minimum) or later – as it is not yet an option in game - , carry on a conversation through the journals of at least 12 posts (or multiple conversations equaling the same) will be posted as on warning in the OOC community. That allows two weeks to bring activity up to standards. On the second activity check, the character will be removed as the moderators see fit.

In addition, every month, the [community profile] marshalsearpg will be swept for incomplete threads. All of those threads will be listed in an OOC post and the participant will have two weeks to decide to 1) complete them, 2) delete them, or 3) discuss it OOC and tack on a final post about how the rest of the thread went. All three options are perfectly acceptable. In two weeks, if no action has been taken, the thread will be removed and those who participated in it will be given a warning. Two warnings will be issued. The third will mean removal from the game. Again – no one likes to be left hanging, and often future plot depends on back threads. Tis the nature of the beast… did I mention there will be beasts?

A standard hiatus is for up to one week. Constant hiatuses that are affecting the game, seem to be a method of avoiding activity checks, or leave the mods completely unable to contact you for an extended length of time, could result in your dismissal from the game. However, this will be dealt with case-by-case. While it may not seem fair, as a standard rule, hiatuses will be dealt with case-by-case… but then hey – life’s not fair. If a player needs additional time, some exceptions may be made.

Ships ahoy! It is to be remembered that some of the most common reasons for putting people in institutions were homosexuality, hyper sexuality, adultery, and other such things. More, the staff that were killed for being a problem were mostly those who had a penchant for abusing the prisoners. Sometimes this was physical and sometimes it was sexual. Even the doctors often used sexual therapies on their patients in order to cure them.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a plot heavy game, and if your characters are seen to be ignoring plot while having plenty of time to log in smut hours… then a moderator will pull you aside and remind you that while this is an erp – it is one with plot and your characters are expected to participate. Still, we have no intention of interfering with ships.

There is one other slight peculiarity… while both players certainly need to be aware on an OOC level, this is a no-holds-barred game. Ghosts molesting humans while they sleep, stalkerific behavior, one sided love/lust… the real world is messy and we want this game to reflect that. Just make sure that all players are on board – but not to do that would be godmodding and we all know that no one here would do that!

This is ground that has largely been covered, but your PB should reflect how you view the personality of your character. Most characters will be period, but we are not concerned with period icons. There is no death rule here – though it would be ironic – and no rules against suicide girls, scene kids (as long as you can get good PBs), or anyone else as long as they basically fit the age and look that you describe.

There are several plots in line for this game, however, we love new ideas. Not only are you free to explore your own smaller background plots, we openly encourage you to submit any plot ideas you come up with in the dropbox to be considered and/or incorporated into the master plotlines. Even your smaller plots should be created with the pervasive storyline in mind and the no brainer – major plots (death, rape, and pregnancy et al.) should be run by one of the moderators.

At first, the character journals (notebooks) are simply a place for the human characters to keep – whatever they would keep there. Be it poetry, prose, thoughts on the world or the place around them… that is up to the character. One of the human characters is going to suggest leaving a notebook for communal writing… some important things to know that will be covered so many places that it becomes redundant.
❀ All of the communal entries in the human notebook can be marked either | community | or to an individual member.
❀The only thing that keeps other humans from reading it is the honor system. There is no way (save for getting very crafty about where to hide notes) to keep the information actually private.
❀Any ghost who is literate can read what the human’s write. Eventually – the ghosts are going to figure out that they can manage to communicate through the notebooks as well… but I am letting plot sneak an ear out of the bag.

Strike-outs are readable and indicate text was marked out but is still able to be read. Bolded strike-outs, however, are not and represent text that has been scribbled out.

Thread headings should be formatted as follows:
Characters: [Who's involved this scene.]
Setting: [Where and when (morning, evening, between what events of the day) the scene is occurring.]
Content: [For simplicity's sake, you can just use 'No Adult Content'/Worksafe or 'Adult Content'/Not Work Safe. Adult Content is, of course, graphic sex or violence. State which (graphic sex or violence) applies to a post labeled with Adult Content.]
Summary: [A short summary of the scene. Maybe what it's trying to achieve, what spawned it into being, and etc.]


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