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❀ F. A. Q ❀

This will be a growing list as more questions are asked, so you might want to check back here from time to time. If you have a question that is not answered, you can either contact the mods, leave a message in the drop box, or email

In the beginning, the notebooks are something that humans only have. While humans can hide notes or mark notes to individuals. The ghosts can read (if they are literate) the notebooks, but can not communicate with them - yet.

More specifically, is a character stuck in what they died in. Let's face it, most of these people died in a hospital and are not exactly rocking it. That said, there are some guidelines. Unless you find reason otherwise, we would like you to keep your characters garments descriptively within the era your character would have lived (no period PBs required). Also, ghosts can only get clothes from other dead people... how they do that is up to them. In some cases, clothes can become a character devise - one characters corset is her own personal demon. The only thing keeping it there is a mental block. As far as human's go - they can wear whatever they like.

can humans see ghosts.
That depends on the human and the ghost. If it is written into your charater tht you are more sensitive to these things as a human, than you might be aware of paranormal activities and see the ghosts. If the ghosts are particularly strong and wish to be seen, human's may see them. Eventually, all will mingle - spoilers darling.

do I really have to do this application.
Okay - there is a lot of coding in the application to wade through. However, we do want "files" on everyone. However, if you are having trouble, you can either contact me (netty @ jouez moi on aim) and I will give you an alternative ap with the same info and I will plug it into the coding for you because I'm awesome like that.